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The Minotaur Trilogy © Chamber Made Opera

The Minotaur Trilogy

"It's a show that'll send traditionalists running for cover but for seekers of truly innovative art, Minotaur is a must. It is a wholly unique experience, unlike anything else this side of dreaming." Australian Stage read more

by Margaret Cameron & David Young

'Opera takes bulls by the horns...' read more in The Age.

Presented by Chamber Made Opera and Melbourne Recital Centre
in association with Melbourne Festival


The Minotaur Trilogy is an exquisite mythological meltdown – an epic journey into a new kind of opera. In this extraordinary work Chamber Made Opera will cast its decidedly unorthodox gaze over the ancient Greek legend with The Minotaur Trilogy resulting in an unconventional opera told over three suitably epic chapters.

Taking its inspiration from Monteverdi’s famous lost opera of which the celebrated Lamento d’Arrianna is the only fragment that remains - this work finds the ageless story of thwarted love, misplaced heroism and tragic human failings twisted, inverted and collapsed, a strange new mythology conjured from a familiar tale.

Staged in the small-scale and acoustically rich surrounds of the Melbourne Recital Centre’s Salon, Margaret Cameron and David Young’s unexpected and daring score, a composition of image, text, found sounds and baroque instruments, forms a work of intimacy and extravagance - hallucinatory, retelling that teeters on the edge of ecstasy and oblivion.

“More house party than grand opera, Chamber Made Opera inverts the scale of traditionally large productions.” – THE AGE

“Wholly absorbing. A compelling sense of ritual.” – THEATRE NOTES

“As the first part of a trilogy, The Island sets a stunning precedent for the future works, and as Ariadne puts it at the beginning of The Island: “even if I were to die, I would return.” – REALTIME ARTS

"Opera buffs looking to challenge themselves should also grab a ticket to Chamber Made Opera's extraordinary and ambitious The Minotaur Trilogy, a three-part monster that tackles Greek mythology with a modern fearlessness. Chamber Made Opera has long been a unique outpost on Australia's performance landscape, and after several years of increasingly prolific work, this may well be the company's most striking production so far." THE AGE

Event information:

Salon, Melbourne Recital Centre
Thu 18 – Sat 20 Oct at 7pm
Sat 20 Oct at 1pm
Sunday 21 Oct at 3pm.
Duration: 3hr 10min including 2 intervals

Act One: Minotaur The Island
Act Two: Minotaur The Labyrinth*
Act Three: Minotaur The Boats*
*World Premiere

By Margaret Cameron & David Young
Performers: Deborah Kayser, Caroline Lee and Hellen Sky
Double Bass: Mark Cauvin
Percussion: Matthias Schack-Arnott
Harpsichord: Anastasia Russell-Head

'Minotaur The Island' was co-commissioned by Ten Days on the Island and Dr Peta Gillingham. 'Minotaur The Labyrinth' and 'Minotaur The Boats' were co-commissioned by Michael Bink (in memory of Kim Glover), Fiona Sweet & Paul Newcombe, Helen & Peter Murdoch, Meg Morris, Susan Pelka and Anonymous (2).

Warning: Adult concepts, nudity

Please note that latecomers will not be admitted until interval.

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