Little Operations

One-off presentations of findings and ideas in development that emerge from Little Operations, our research and development stream.

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Little Operations with Margaret Meran Trail

A Little Operation, 22 Mar 2016

Conservatory Conservatory is a performance-ritual addressing plant-life. It takes place in the Fitzroy Conservatory, here re-imagined as The Embassy of Flowers. The performance considers how forms of non-human life may have something to say, even though it is unlikely that humans will ever figure out what that ‘something’ is. Here, in a spirit of mutual-mystification, humans indicate their respect for plant-life, and flowers graciously receive the diplomatic gestures of the humans.

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Little Operations with Fabricated Rooms

A Little Operation, 10 Nov 2015

“Just like Sputnik, global warming has stigmatised the sky: what used to be a moving star became a delivery system; what used to be the weather is now a vengeful climate.”

From ‘Earth Sound Earth Signal’ by Douglas Kahn.

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Little Operations with THE RABBLE

A Little Operation, 10 Dec 2014

Chamber Made Opera presents A Little Operation With THE RABBLE. Little Operations are one-night-only public showings of new works in development which aim to spotlight fresh ideas. THE RABBLE's latest work-in-progress: a new contemporary opera inspired by James Joyce’s Ulysses.

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Little Operations With Ivan Cheng

A Little Operation, 25 Sep 2014

Presented as the first Little Operation of Chamber Made Opera, EVEN! with Ivan Cheng enters Deakin Edge. EVEN! is a restaging of a site-specific in-ear score for 100 interpreters with unknown guests and 6 year old performers. Postured as choreographic, conversational, academic, critical, historical, musical, it represents the careers of Sydney based composers James Brown, Austin Buckett, Lachlan Hughes, and Marcus Whale in a dense aggregation of dialogues.

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