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Salon: Between 8 and 9

A Chamber Made Opera Salon, 16 Mar 2017

Chamber Made Opera, in partnership with the City of Darebin, are pleased to announce the first Chamber Made Opera Salon event for 2017. 

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New Leadership

Announcement, 16 Feb 2017

Marking an exciting new development in the creative leadership model for the company, Chamber Made Opera is delighted to announce Tamara Saulwick’s appointment to a new role of Artistic Director to work alongside CEO and Creative Director Tim Stitz.

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Agile Chambers

4-10 Dec 2016

Agile Chambers is a week of open research labs and performances. Artists from Chamber Made Opera and researchers from RMIT University are investigating the relationship between live performance and digital artworks and the week will consist of performances, research panel discussions and keynote presentations at RMIT Design Hub.

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Salon: Permission to Speak

A Chamber Made Opera Salon, 26 Oct 2016

Delicately poised between concert and theatre, Permission to Speak explores the dynamic relationship of parent and child as it exists and evolves through a lifetime.

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Turbulence at Lorne

3-4 Sep 2016

Set high in the sky in an airline passenger cabin, Turbulence invites you to witness a musical drama playing out between a mother and daughter.

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