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10am - 6pm
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The World Premiere season was presented in partnership with the New Music Network, as part of Melbourne Fringe
3-12 October 2013
Time: 7.30pm, with a 4pm performance on 5 October
Venue: A living room in Northcote

The work then appeared as part of the Macedon International Living Room Opera Weekend
Dates: 2-3 November 2013
Venue: A private living room in Mount Macedon - details revealed upon booking

Composed by Juliana Hodkinson (Germany)
Libretto by Cynthia Troup
Sound design by Jethro Woodward
Performers: Deborah Kayser and Anneli Bjorasen

'Turbulence takes us on an intriguing flight' - Cameron Woodhead, The Age

'The space is perfectly suited to the opera, or the opera to the space, revealing the incredible power of chamber opera to unite disparate environments through artistic aims' - Matthew Lorenzon, Real Time

'From the boarding procedures to the meditative opening sequence, through turbulence to the shock ending, this artistic simulation of an early flight had much to offer' - Heather Leviston, Arts Hub

Fasten your seatbelts and ensure your hand luggage is stowed safely under the seat in front of you. Chamber Made Opera’s new living room opera, Turbulence, is a first class flight for soprano and electronics unlike any you’ve ever experienced.

Sharing your passenger cabin: a Mother, her 19-year-old Daughter, and the Daughter’s pursuit of conflict as an act of intimacy. Deborah Kayser plays the Mother, her soaring voice carrying you in unimagined directions, together with analogue and digital technologies, beat boxes and electric fans. Turbulence: ‘the underlying forces usually hidden’, jolts of understanding, a storm of consequences, the untold risk of the journey.

Composer Juliana Hodkinson (Berlin) is working with Chamber Made Opera in Melbourne to create the premiere season. Writer Cynthia Troup is a long time collaborator of Hodkinson’s.

Photo: Daisy Noyes

Video clips

Caroline Lee, Living Room Opera host of TURBULENCE from Chamber Made Opera on Vimeo.

Cynthia Troup, writer of the TURBULENCE libretto from Chamber Made Opera on Vimeo.

Deborah Kayser talks TURBULENCE from Chamber Made Opera on Vimeo.