Re-imagining ways in which musical composition, sound, the voice, performance, design and architecture converge.

Matthias Schack-Arnott in 'Captives of the City', 2014 Arts Centre Melbourne. Photo credit: Jeff Busby

Chamber Made Opera is renowned for continually challenging artform, bringing together outstanding creative teams, being unbound by convention, and taking inspired artistic risks.

New works
Chamber Made Opera’s core activity is the creation of new interdisciplinary works. Collaborating with exceptional artists we make bold new work through which we want to impact the arts and broader community and create ongoing engagement and dialogue.

Little Operations
The company’s research and development stream ‘Little Operations’ is where we seed and explore new ideas. A key function of Little Operations is to connect with independent artists to test new artistic explorations and collaborations.

Chamber Made Opera is committed to creating and deliver an accompanying digital iteration of each original performance work, known as a Digiwork – a stand-alone work that aligns with the themes and content of the concomitant performance work.

Agile Opera
Chamber Made Opera has partnered with RMIT University in collaboration with the Australia Council for the Arts and Fed Square to develop a new Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Project 2014 – 2018, investigating methods of preserving the intimacy of performance in a digital age.

Public Programs – Salons
The Salon Program is an opportunity for audiences to delve deeper into the content of our works. Based on a keynote presentation model, each Salon is set around themes and ideas underpinning current artworks of the company.

Public Programs – The Venny
The Venny is a communal backyard and drop-in centre for children-at-risk in Kensington. Chamber Made Opera has partnered with The Venny to deliver a program of music lessons, workshops and other activities such as co-devising performance works with the children. We are five years into this partnership with a commitment to seeing out a seven-year program.